ATLAS: Other classical groups

Unitary groups

U3(3) U3(4) U3(5) U3(7) U3(8) U3(9) U3(11) U3(13) U3(16)
U4(2) U4(3) U4(4) U4(5)
U5(2) U5(3) U5(4)
U6(2) U6(3)
U3(5) is only partially in version 2.
U4(3) is mostly not there yet.

Orthogonal groups

O8+(2) O8-(2) O8+(3) O8-(3)
O10+(2) O10-(2)
O8+(2) is not yet available.

Symplectic groups

S4(2) S4(3) S4(4) S4(5) S4(7) S4(9) S4(11) S4(13) S4(17) S4(19)
S6(2) S6(3) S6(5)
S8(2) S8(3)

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Version 2.0 created on 2nd June 2000.
Last updated 11.04.05 by RAW.
R.A.Wilson, R.A.Parker and J.N.Bray.