ATLAS: Linear groups


Groups in light grey are not available, or not in a very good state.
Starred groups have most of their material in Version 1, or other defects.

L2(2) L2(3) L2(4) L2(5) L2(7) L2(8) L2(9) L2(11) L2(13) L2(16)*
L2(17) L2(19) L2(23) L2(25) L2(27)* L2(29) L2(31) L2(32) L2(49) L2(81)
L3(2) L3(3) L3(4)* L3(5) L3(7) L3(8)* L3(9) L3(11) L3(13)
L4(2) L4(3)* L4(4) L4(5)
L5(2) L5(3) L6(2) L7(2)

L2(q) for other large fields of non-prime order.

L2(64)* L2(121) L2(125) L2(128)* L2(169) L2(243) L2(256)

L2(p) for larger primes p.

L2(37) L2(41) L2(43) L2(47) L2(53) L2(59) L2(61) L2(67)
L2(71) L2(73) L2(79) L2(83) L2(89) L2(97) L2(101) L2(103)
L2(107) L2(109) L2(113) L2(127) L2(131) L2(137) L2(139) L2(149)
L2(151) L2(157) L2(163) L2(167) L2(173) L2(179) L2(181) L2(191)
L2(193) L2(197) L2(199) L2(211) L2(223) L2(227) L2(229) L2(233)
L2(239) L2(241) L2(251) L2(257)

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Version 2.0 created on 2nd December 1999.
Last updated 23.02.05 by JNB.
Information checked to Level 0 on 27.04.99 by JNB.
R.A.Wilson and J.N.Bray.