ATLAS: Linear group L3(11)

Order = 212427600 =
Mult = 1.
Out = 2.
See also ATLAS of Finite Groups, p91.

Standard generators

Standard generators of L3(11) are a and b where a has order 3, b is in class 11A, ab has order 120, abb has order 10 and ababb has order 40. The last two conditions can be replaced by ab5 has order 55.

Standard generators of L3(11):2 are not defined.

NB: Class 11A is the class of transvections in the natural representation of L3(11).


Presentations for L3(11) and L3(11):2 on their standard generators are given below.

< a, b | a3 = b11 = aba-1bab-2a-1baba-1b-2 = (abab-1)3a-1b-2a-1b-1 = 1 >.

These presentations are available in Magma format as follows: L3(11) on a and b and L3(11):2 on c and d.


The representations of L3(11) available are The representations of L3(11):2 available are
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